“Amazingly insightful…this book is deserving of the tag MUST READ.”

Stewart St Clair

TheWayForward Show at UK Health Radio

“Ania Jeffries is an incredibly energetic and compassionate ConfidenceGenerator.

Her skill set is not just about helping others to find their WHY. She specialises in personal development, confidence, empowerment and self improvement.

She is totally dedicated to giving others a voice worldwide, empowering others to identify the right relationships in business and personal growth, to build strong global collaborations and networks.”

Mike Rebello
Chief Influencer, Epirrion


“Ania has found one of the keys to becoming the person you really should be: Confidence. With it, the world can once again be your oyster. And with this book you can boost your confidence in 24 hours.

From the very first chapter you’ll have practical advice, that once applied, will restore your uniqueness, unleash your inner beauty and give you the tools to take on anything and become the person you should be.

And if you are generally positive about life, this book will help you stream positivity in everything you do and into everyone around you. I’m confident that Ania’s book will work wonders for you.

It did for me.”

Barnaby Wynter

PLC Communications Director and Brand Speaker