Ania shows passion and drive in every thing she applies her self to and is more then happy to share this quality with others to help them. She asks you to look at different area’s in your life and helps you evaluate each one.

I’m somebody whose ideas change all the time and wish for lots of paths. Ania has helped me prioritise and focus to help work my way through my ideas and thought processes.

Ania’s caring soft nature makes you feel at ease, Anna Downes

When I heard what Ania was doing I jumped at the opportunity as I saw my son needed someone independent to his parents, particularly as his purpose in life as a top sportsman had just ended in injury.

Coming from a high achieving family he may have been struggling with his failure in a way his parents couldn’t see. Ania’s involvement has transformed his self esteem and rescued him from a feeling of failure. This has enabled him to transition to starting a new career and believing in what he can do.

Ania's involvement has transformed his self esteem, Andy Fitzgerald

Ania’s coaching has helped me to focus on what is really important to me at this time in my life and why I want to achieve the goals I have set myself.

Her questions have allowed me to evaluate and prioritise my actions into an achievable task list.

She is totally committed to helping me succeed. Thank you for making the sessions challenging and interesting and helping me to feel my goal is getting closer.

She is totally committed to helping me succeed, Lorraine Branch