Change your life before it becomes a train crash:

My train crash was the beginning of a wonderful, transformational chapter in my life. I can say this to you now but at that time I stopped dancing in the rain and entered a lonely period of darkness.

I wore a mask for 7 years, became invisible and lost the power of my voice. No one noticed. Neither did I.

I always wore the biggest, most beautiful smile. My nickname was sunshine.

A normal day:

The 8th of January 1991 was no different to any other. It was the year before the birth of our first child.

Life was truly wonderful. I was recently married, living in a stunning leafy London suburb, PR Manager for a telecommunications company, constantly being promoted and living THE dream job.

I was on a mission to create the life I had dreamt about for so many years and in an instance my life changed, it was put on hold in a breath.

There is a rainbow in every thunderstorm:

The train crashed. It drove into the buffers of Cannon Street Station. I was in the carriage that concertined. There were hundreds of injuries, people died.

Unknowingly, that experience and one conversation between 2 passengers not only changed my life. It also gave me my life purpose to deliver powerful opportunities for you to use  your voice more powerfully, to build a better world through coaching, radio broadcasting, events, workshops and expeditions.

I now share my story with 17 other global co-authors in the book Pay it Forward Series, Notes to my Younger Self.

This experience, which I now view as a blessing in disguise,  was key to me writing Confidence in 24 hours. My book offers you a toolkit to step into your power, to embrace a positive growth mindset, to view new life challenges as opportunities, to overcome limiting beliefs, anxiety, stress  and overwhelm.

This experience has led me to become a Confidence Generator, a Mentor for the Princes Trust, a Radio Broadcaster for  PowerXtra as well as for the Way Forward Show, UK Health Radio. I will give you the #selfbelief and #confidence to know that

YOU  are AMAZING ???   and are born to make  a real difference to this world

confidence in 24 hours


THE BOOK… Confidence in 24 Hours: Step Into Your Power